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Together with over 50 years of experience combined and since 2009, we've been bringing you the best of the best quality and turn around time as well as OEM and aftermarket parts from the 5 major motorcycle dealer brands in the world alongside with Parts Unlimited, Western Powersports, Tucker, Amsoil and much more. Don't believe us? Come on over and see for yourself​.


Mission Statement

What we do here at Zuma Cycle 

For the many years we’ve been in business, we have been striving to provide our clients the best quality service possible to gain their full satisfaction. And they’ve shown their appreciation by coming back to us repeatedly.


We here at Zuma are here for you and all your motorcycle care needs.

Zuma Cycle started in 2009 by owners Lynn Dees and Tom Hansen. Tom started being a motorcycle mechanic 41 years ago in 1979 and went on to open up a shop here in Valdosta, GA with his wife Lynn. Here at Zuma Cycle we have a strong bond with almost all of our customers because of our trustworthy and reliable work as mechanics and not parts changers like you see in most shops today. We have customers stretching as far as Florida, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Maryland, and just about everywhere in between! And for a good reason too, because we are honest. We know what we are doing, and we get it, now a days you can't trust a lot of mechanics in this business because they are in it for the money, or because they thought they'd enjoy it, realize it takes a lot of work and knowledge, and didn't take the time to actually get better; we aren't. We actually care about everything we do, even down to the stuff you use to clean your bike with. We make sure that everything we sell or recommend you, whether it goes on your bike or is used for personal use, has been rigorously tested. We care, about you AND your bike. We firmly believe that motorcycling is a way of life, and for some people it's therapy for any problems they may be going through. Aside from everything else we do, we also strive to preserve that and personalize it for each and every customer that walks through our door.



Zuma cycle

Committed to providing you excellent service, so you always choose us for your repair needs.


Lynn - Owner

Tom - Owner/Technician

Jason - Technician

Tony - Management/Parts Department​ 

Daniel - Shop Rat/Technician in Training