If you wish to pay an amount towards your bill VIA credit card, simply reply back with the exact amount you wish to pay followed by your card number, expiration date, name on card, and the security code on that back. All information sent is secured and encrypted to protect your privacy data and personal information. You can also call the store and complete this action.

Want to check on the status of your work order? Just send us your work order number and we will send back details on the amount currently owed, where we are at with it, if we are waiting on any parts, any important information about what we found, and estimated time to completion. 

*If you did not receive your work order number, you can call us and ask for it*

Payments VIA credit card are required a surcharge of 3.99% on top of amount being paid. We know, it sucks, but its a small price to pay to get the bills out of the way!

Work Order Status Check

If you would like to add anything to your work order, simply reply back with what you want and we will add it to the work order and send you confirmation to ensure it is what you are looking for.

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Work Orders